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KEEN Targhee II Shoes


Keen Targhee II are the most amazing and sensational running and walking boots which will go with almost every casual outfit. This hiking shoe is offered for both men and women in variety of colors. This boot assures you to have a comfortable and sturdy ride no matter on how difficult terrain you are walking on. They look very rough and strong, but they are flexible enough to mold with your feet and offer you a nice and stable foot journey. This boot has a traditional lace system which is very strong and has durable eyelets that enable you to have quick fastening. The upper of the shoe has been built with durable yet smooth and rich leather material. The leather of this shoe can be cleaned very easily like other Keen boots. The inner side of the boot is equally satisfying. The inner foot bed of the shoe has that special respiration system which wicks away the moisture that results in a completely dry and healthy environment for bare feet which means that you can even wear them without socks. The foot bed can even be exchanged with a new one in case you donít want to wash it, otherwise even a single wash of the foot bed will make it look and feel like a new one. Its heel has a special S3 support system that makes the walk more sturdy and straight. The crisscross strips around the collar makes this style more remarkable and trendy. For a more stable and secure ride the outsole has been manufactured with the rubber material that is of high quality. It is strong yet flexible enough to mold with the feet and delivers an extremely comfortable feeling. Its weight is 12 lb. You can get this boot are the given colors: Slate Black / Brindle, Slate Black / Bombay Brown, Gargoyle / Midnight Navy , Dark Earth / Madder Brown.



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Customer Opinions

TrevB from Alpine, Ca

Great boots! Very little break in time needed, after only 39 miles of break in I did a 20 mile hike-the boots were comfortable throughout the hike. These boots are very comfortable from the inserts to all around the foot. They run a little warm without hiking socks so hiking socks are a must for these boots! The water proofing didn't disappoint, I hiked Whitney two days after the worst rainstorm, flooding, trail wash out in over 10 years (Trail washed out on 7/29/11) hiked on 7/31/11and my feet didn't get wet after crossing a 50 feet of 3" deep water section going to and from Trail Camp.

VA Hiker from Virginia

Exactly what I had been looking for. Comfortable and light like a trail runner but with a more rigid sole for protection from rocks. Hardly any break in time and after three hikes >7 miles not a single blister or sore area. The shoe still looks brand new and I don't expect to see lots of wear as I only wear them for hiking and not on hard pavement. I was told when I first started hiking to only use hiking boots for hiking since the soles are made to be softer and grippier and would therefore wear faster if used for everyday walking. I bought these to replace light hikers that were just too soft in the forefoot area and would cause discomfort after hours on a rocky trail. I hardly notice rocks now and my feet aren't sore after hikes. I have the Event pair and have had no issues with water leaking or them being any hotter than other goretex and non-goretex shoes. I find traction to be superb on wet and dry rock. Very happy with my purchase.

Road Shower from Silt, Co

First, I have wide feet...like EEEEE. I have climbed almost all the 14ers and have done a lot of hiking. I always believed that sore feet were part of the experience to be tolerated. Before we headed to Nepal, I made an effort to find a more comfortable boot, since my Asolo's were wearing out. The salesman in Grand Junction talked me into some Keens. I got size 11. I hiked up on Grand Mesa for 3 hours and my toes were killing me. After researching it, I found that they run small. I went to the Denver flagship store, and the salesmen there talked me out of these back into Merrell's. They felt great, but it took about 4 hours of hiking to make my feet. Back they went. Finally got size 12 Targhee II's. Felt great. I had a week before we left and climbed a peak or 2. Replaced the insole with gel. Did the Anapurna basecamp trek, and others, and my feet always felt great....Amazing!!!! Love them. The are still in good shape after at least 30 hard days of hiking, and another 30 days of easy walking. Good enough for me.

Nature Hiker from Twin Cities, MN

I recently bought my second pair of these. They are a godsend to those with wide feet -- easily the the most conformable pair of hikers I have owned or tried on, and I've tried many of REI's offerings. They are not a ridged shoe and there is not a lot of ankle support, so I wouldn't consider them for hiking with tons of gear, but for my purposes, which is generally day hiking and city wear, they are fantastic. My first pair bought two years ago were not waterproof at purchase. Haven't tested my new pair, but water has only been a problem when the shoe is partially submerged. My first pair held up well, lasting about 2 years of moderate, mixed use until the soles wore and the leather began to separate a bit, which is nothing unexpected. The boot is light, looks good, and has a solid toe protector. For the money, I don't think they can be beat, especially if your feet are on the wider end of spectrum. My only wish is that there was a bit more ankle support and the boot was true to its waterproof claims (hopefully that will be the case with my new pair).

Stephen from Charlottesville, VA

This boot is very comfortable. I wear it for day hiking and when working around the house. I also wear it sometimes just when going out. Since I bought them, I haven't had a single blister, or any problems with them whatsoever. The waterproofing works well. I just got back from a 40 mile trek through rough terrain, and they served me well. Their soles are rigid enough to provide good performance over rocky terrain, yet they are very light. They still look rather new. My daughter who went on same the trek has Vasque boots and came back with some blisters. Also, the Vasque's has very little cushioning in the forefoot. It is a shame, because the REI salesman steered her away from this Keen boot, mentioning that there have been quality issues in the past. (If they don't recommend the boot, then why sell it? It's weird that my salesman had no problem selling me this boot.) Anyway, I have had no quality problems with it and highly recommend it.


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