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KEEN Targhee II Gargoyle Midnight Navy Shoes


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Customer Opinions

Mulroney from Washington, D.C.

I broke these hiking boots in in the States, then took them with me on the Route du Puy (the French part of the Camino de Santiago). All told I walked in them about 1,000 miles. The uppers were great, especially the look and waterproofing. But the tread on the rear heel just fell apart on me. It saddens me, because these were the most comfortable shoes/boots that I've ever owned. Admittedly I'm hard on shoes, but these Targhees just didn't hold up.

Venkatesh from Fremont, CA

This is very comfortable shoes but unfortunately it is loosing traction on downhill hikes (mission peak, Fremont). Have been using for 10 months wearing it as normal everyday use and occasional weekends hike and gym. The seams at the upper leather is opening up, lace is torn, webbing holding the lace has opened up. It keeps you dry even when it is raining heavily.

Markland from Boston MA

I try to limit use to hikes in the desert or locally mountains during dry conditions but have worn these around once in awhile just because they fit me so well. I have slightly wide feet and Keen does wide well. The mesh on top makes them not waterproof but they are okay for shallow puddles (1.5 to 2" max). I'll buy another when I wear these out.

Keyshiker from Key Largo - FL

Not sure what these other reviewers have experienced or why the Targhees they own arent lasting. I have owned them for 3 years now and have over 500 trail miles on the AT and local trails on them as well as a whole lot of daily use. Slogging thru muck and mire has always left my feet dry as long as the water doesn't slop over the top of the boot. My one complaint about my pair is that if/when they do get wet they do take longer to dry than I would like. As far as support and feeling the trail through the boot...yes the sole of the boot does flex some and if you are walking over exceptionally rough rocky terrain I can see where that would be a complaint. I personally like the feel of the sole on these and the slight flex they have and believe that adds to the comfort of the boot.

Haptown from Nashville, TN

Things I love about these boots:
- Comfortable from the start - no break in period.
- Lacing System - lets me customize the fit and lace them fast.
- The toe guard - looks a little odd but love having that protection over my toes.

Things I don't like about this boot:
- The ankle support is okay, but could be better. I wish there was a bit more boot around the ankle.
- The soles wear out quickly. This seems to be a recurring problem with all their shoes that I own.
- Lateral stability is fair, but could be better. My Brooklyns seem to have a wider footprint than these. This lack of lateral stability combined with the so-so ankle support makes for a boot that could be a bit unstable on a technical trail.

Regarding the boots waterproofing - I took them on a soggy two mile hike through a wetland area on a rainy day and intentionally walked through soppy spots and puddles. At the end of my hike my feet were dry as toast.

Maziesmom from Vancouver, WA

I love the this brand and own 7 different styles of their shoes. I never had a problem with my Women Targhee II except that they were too narrow for my feet so I switched to the Mens. They must do something different because I have gone through 3 pairs in 8 months because they were not waterproof and the heel wore out. [...] I wear them to walk my dog in the Pacific Northwest and they leaked during Downpours and in the snow.

Sfpjohnston from Spokane, WA

Bought these to use a fall work boot. Had to return the first pair after a week because the sole separated on the left boot. REI gave me a new pair and so far I'm liking them a lot. They are a little slippery on wet metal, but all around a good boot. I'm also loving the their toe protection!


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