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KEEN Targhee II Slate Black Bombay Brown


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Customer Opinions

ProfessorX from Boulder, CO

This boot is a great fit for a wide foot and I have generally been pleased with the consistency of Keen's fit and features. I find the boots fit almost identical to their shoes, therefore if you like one you will like the other. The one major downside to these is the waterproofing. I have found them to be anything but waterproof. Even in persistent light rain (no deep puddles, just surface wetness on the boot) that feet get wet in these after around 4 hrs. I've even tried adding after market sprays and waxes to assist but no luck. If you need/want waterproofing, avoid these.

Cascade Hiker from Bend, OR

Fell in love with the comfort of this boot from the moment I put them on. They are lightweight and very supportive. Size tends to run small, but roomy. Have worn them on several backpacking trips with loads from 25 to 45 pounds. The problem is the stitching on the toe box came apart after two trips and I had to have them repaired. The soles also seem to wear very quickly. The other problem is the waterproofing claim by them. The boots will keep your feet dry after a brief dunk in a puddle or creek, but after a rainshower and walking around in wet brush for a couple of hours my feet were completely soaked.

JonKron from Sacramento, CA

These are great light hikers. If anyone sells you differently- don't blame the shoe. Extremely comfortable on first wear and can do day hikes to 10 miles without breaking a sweat. I am 6'2" 235 so I am hard on shoes and for backpacking or longer hikes require a stiffer and more supportive boot. But for everyday recreational use- these are about as comfortable as it gets.

Bryclops from Virginia

I've hiked in them from summer to winter, even strapping snowshoes to them in winter. They were a little hot in summer. In winter, they were warm enough even though I got water in them by stepping in snow up to my knees. (I didn't bother with gaiters.) I never do anything to serious with them, but they're even great around campus when it gets wet and icy (though this year's model looks a lot better with the blue accents rather than the red accents on mine).

Jalepeno from Portland, OR

It's hard for me to find boots that fit my size 14 feet. They were extremely comfortable right out of the box. They were the original eVent lined boots. I didn't expect them to be a backpacking or climbing boot, just a walk the dog in Forest Park type boot. They were fine for that and had been in light rain with no probs. But in the big snows of the last three weeks, the waterproofing completely failed. After a ski trip to Mt. Hood, my feet were soaked. This boot only lasted for about six months, and three of those I never wore them. They looked brand new. I had not abused them. My last boot of this type was the Montrail TRS Comp which stayed waterproof over two years, past the sole wearing flat and was a far superior boot.

NWPhil from NW, Portland Oregon

They won't last either. Got them last year, around before thanksgiving, and went thru 20 or so hikes - given or take 250 miles. From day one, they feel comfortable, but after a few water splashes and snow, the waterproofing is gone. So is the rubber in the front and back. The threads there are almost gone, and side rubber (the one of different color) is peeling off.
They are light, but you do feel the terrain beneath. Once they solve the sole durability issues, and maybe come up with a thicker under rubber pad, I would go back to get them.

Firemist57 from Los Angeles, CA

I stumbled on these shoes while looking for a nice pair of trail runners with good ankle support. I tried these on just on a whim and fell in love. They are almost as light as a pair of runners and yet at the mid height they provide great ankle support. I originally bought these just for hiking but haven't been able to take them off I wear them at work at home and for casual outings. I haven't gotten them very wet yet so cannot comment on the waterproofing, however the only thing I see as a con is they tend to get a bit hot...I'll have to see how they feel in the winter though. The toe box is very comfortable and roomy and in the arch and heel they fit perfectly. Beware they seem to run a 1/2 size small. Overall a great mid height boot. 5 starts if I would have gotten them soaked and they stood up.


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