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KEEN Sterling City Ballerina Shoes


Keen Sterling City ballerina are the most enchanting and super attractive flat shoes which are light weight and best for everyday use. Its styling is simple yet flattering and eye-catching. This shoe is made up of full-grain leather which has a stunning quality like all other shoes by this company. This shoe is undoubtedly light weight, but the construction is durable and comfy at the same time that enables you to walk in these for a long time in a complete comfort zone. Itís a perfect shoe for general hangouts as this doesnít only look tempting ,but itís a highly functional shoe at the same time that will never disappoint you. The interior lining has respire mesh that wicks away all the moisture. Its foot bed is build up with cush PU and memory foam that makes it very smooth and cushy therefore you can wear these for the whole day without any rash or blister. One can easily take out the interior foot bed for washing or even replace it with the new one to ensure dry , healthy and odorless wearing. This shoe is very easy to maintain. You can get these free from any kind of dirt and impurities with the blink of your eye. Special constructed toe bumper avoids every kind of unpleasant moments, protects your feet and guarantees a more sturdy , stride and stable walk. To maximize its durability the bottom of its outsole is made with rubber which is solid enough to offer a great grip on rough or slippery terrains, yet it is flexible enough to mold with the feet and keep your feet in total comfort. Its heel height is ĺ inches and weight is 12 ounces. This product is available in these colors: Snapper , Forest night, Chest nut, black.


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Customer Opinions

gjpillai from Chicago, Illinois

Took a week long trip to check out the geology of Southeast Missouri. These shoes definitely stayed true to what the store employee told me. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle in these hiking down the Taum Sauks Flood Scour. Therefore, not took much ankle support. Otherwise, i would totally recommend these!

hbbetty from Huntington Beach, CA

My boyfriend bought this from the gift certificate I gave him. He loved it from the moment he put them on. We've been on two hikes and he has not once complained. He states they are very comfortable and sturdy during the hikes. He has wide feet, so these boots fit perfectly for his width. So for him, I'm giving this a 5 star for excellent hiking boots for his purpose. I too, own a pair of Keen hiking boots, which I have worn to 8-10 hikes, and I love them!

bonesdad from Boise, ID

Great shoe, about the only shoe I've worn for the last 6 years, it's so comfortable. Longevity, or lack of, is what keeps it from getting 5 stars. I don't believe those who say they go through more than one pair of these in less than a year. I wear mine every day and get about 2 years out of it, I call shens. I DO replace the insole, usually after about 3 months after buying the shoes, but I do that with any shoes I own. Insoles are just poor in any shoe you buy, without fail. Once I replace the insole, I'm good until the soles wear out, about a year and a half later.

Dawnettam from Las Vegas

I purchased a pair of Merrell hiking boots and had to purchased a new pair in a few months because my feet hurt. I have flat feet and wear a woman size 10. I purchased the the hiking boot because people on my hike mention the box toes and how it allows for more room. I went down to REI to try on a pair and they did not have a woman size large enough, so I tried a men's size and purchased a men size 10. It was more expensive than a Merrell about $20 but worth it. I really enjoy my hikes now.

The Bard Rocks from Mohawk Valley, NY

Very comfortable and light, no break-in needed, super traction that does not retain as much mud as other soles. Laces easily and securely. A word of caution, they are a bit snug in the toe than other boots, probably something to do with the squared off toe they have. I nearly returned them, then decided that although I could feel my toes, they didn't hurt and I could live with them. I have worn these daily for a year now and certain problems are cropping up - stitching coming out in one spot, crack in one sole, and of course the waterproofness gave out after a period of time (any other boot will probably do that as well).


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