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Travel to the highest crest in Keen Susanville Low boots with full confidence as these luxuriously looking shoes will never let you down. These shoes have all the qualities that make these simply the BEST. Its exterior and interior both are manufactured to satisfy all your needs and requirements. The upper is made with a rich and high quality suede material which is very easy to maintain, just wipe it off with a damp cloth to have an out of the box look . The shoe gives a superior look to your whole personality. It has feminine touch that gives it an upper hand to all those masculine looking shoes for females available in the market. Its exterior has lace up detail which not only delivers a more secure fit, but aids to make it look more smashing too. The rim of this shoe is also padded to add more comfort with every step you take. The flap of material under the laces of this shoe is also cushioned to offer maximum support while you walk or run and it also helps the laces to adjust quickly according to the shape of the feet. Pull on loop at the back of the shoe helps to get in and out of it very conveniently. Its mid- sole is also designed to make this shoe more durable and long lasting. Its secured protecting cover on the both toes help you to walk more easily and confidently on any kind of surface and assure you to have a bump free ride. The outsole of the shoe is in contrasting color that delivers more appeal to the overall shape and look of the shoe. On rough terrains it helps you to walk steadily without falling and on wet surfaces it works as a slip resistant machine making sure that you won't slip. The interior is all padded offering ultra comfort. Its lining shocks the moisture away and keep your feet soft. It also helps to have odorless ride no matter you are wearing these with or without socks. Its weight is 13 ounces. Colors that can be purchased in this product are these: Slate Black / Woodbine , Dark Shadow / Allure , Black Olive / Holly Hock.


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Customer Opinions

Product Design Engineer from Salt Lake, UT

Targhees fit wide feet well, so some of us must use them. But their soles are not adequate for general hiking. 1) They have poor traction on snow because the tread is rounded and shallow (its more economical to mold the sole this way, but not worth it at any price). On snow, they are no better than my name-brand walking shoes. That is no exaggeration - I compared them side by side throughout the winter and often preferred the shoe for traction. 2) You can feel every rock you step on. I mean every little rock telegraphs right through the sole - very uncomfortable. Great boot for summer walks on clean trails and desert sand. Not so good for winter/spring use, or mountain trails.

RicRie74 from Peoria, IL

Great for hiking totally comfortable! I work in the badlands of Montana most of the summer and the terrain is a rock hard "sandpaper" like clay when dry and slippery as ice and gooey when wet. A big issue when hiking steep terrain. Traction is great... I am now on my fourth pair in three years. I wear them basically everyday of the year. My first pair started to fall apart after a few months, but a call to Keen Rep. explained to me that the issue had been resolved through quality control. The other three pairs I have had no problem with other than the soles wore out quicker than most.
I am very picky when it comes to hiking shoes/boots but the comfort is amazing. Although they tend to get a little hot and sweaty it is a small sacrifice. Supposedly waterproof they do leak a little. Also the top lacers wear down and crack or snap off.

NOCMAN from FT. Washington, PA

My first pair which is very comfortable and light in weight. Unfortunately that's where it ends. I have these for 2 months now. I have been a long time Merrell Chameleon customer and decided to give the Targhee's a try. A result of Merrell quality issue's in recent versions of the Chameleon's. I use these everyday and walk 4-5 miles on local trails 6 days a week. They provide little to no Ankle support on uneven / rocky surface. As for the claim of being waterproof! They aren't even water "resistant". 10-15 minutes walking in 3" wet grass and my feet were soaked. They didn't just get wet at the ventilated areas, water soaked through the leather and the KEEN.DRY water proof membrane. Shame as they are the most comfortable boot I have had in years.

Oldman3000t from San Diego, CA

The shoes fit great, I have been using work boots for Day Hiking for about 8 months. I put these on and it feels great. I increase my walking speed by 1/2 mile per hour. The reviews are not great about the shoe coming apart, but they have 1 year warranty. If my shoes go bad, I get a new pair. I paid more because I bought them here at REI,[...]. I have a wide foot and they feel great, they hold my toes in place, they don't move up and down. I have had them for a little more then a week. I put approx. 40 miles on them and no blisters or heel problems. I have done 2000 foot treks up and 2000 foot down. No toe problems, I found the foot protecting against rocks very good. I do use wool socks only with this shoe, they are much easier to put on and take off. I would give it a 5, after 6 months from now if the shoe holds up or if the warranty is still good. One last note, no break in time.


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