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KEEN Trillium Slipper Clogs


Classic styling has been combined with modern materials and craftsmanship in Keen Trillium which will take you to a comfort ride. These slippers can be used when you are around home or you can even wear these while going out. It would be the best choice for all the house wives who are running after kids at home all day long as they deliver extreme comfort and cushion to your feet. They look fairly nice if worn outside while shopping around as they will offer ultra cushioning to your feet no matter you shop for the entire day. The inner side of the shoe is all lined with fleece which offers ultra comfort and also keeps them stay warm which makes them ideal for cold environment. The foot bed is removable and washable which leaves no room for smell. You can even buy a new one and change it whenever you desire. The exterior is all made with rich wool like material that is eye catching as the quality is too good and that effects the look of the shoe as well because a high quality stuff speaks its worth. The designing on the upper enhances the over all styling of the shoe and makes it worth wearing outside. The slip on construction ensures to have an easy on and off wearing. Wear it without socks and when it gets chillier then try these with socks, no matter you wear them with or without socks these shoes will never smell as the lining absorbs all the moisture and protects your feet from bruises and abrasion. It weights 10 ounces. Five beautiful available colors are these: Woodbine , Tawny Port , Chocolate Brown , Burnt Orange and Black.


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Customer Opinions

Leeep from San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The base fit of these boots is great. When I tried them on compared to the low-rise version of the same shoe, I knew these were the ones to go with. They just felt snug and secure on my feet. However, since I normally swap out OEM insoles for SuperFeet (green) inserts, I did so on this particular boot right before a trip that involved lots of walking... big mistake. For some reason, the shape of the heel cup on these boots combined with the semi-rigid heel area of the SuperFeet insole formed a bit of a gap/seam that rubbed two matching blisters right into my heel after a day of walking (mostly city streets). Once I realized the problem, I immediately had to find a store to pick up a set of non-rigid insoles to carry me through the rest of my trip (along with some moleskin :). Problem solved. So, if you are a fan of SuperFeet, triple-check the fit and break them in a bit locally before you commit to that setup on a trip away from home! The only other minor complaint is that these shoes are a bit more closed in design than my previous pair of GoreTex based shoes, so these definitely run a bit warmer. Having done some walking in the rain with these boots though, they seem to be waterproof.

thejaffrays from Duluth, MN

I like the boot. It is comfortable (their standard), fits like a size 9 should (I ALWAYS [and I mean ALWAYS]) wear a size 9...and Merrill and some others had me in a size 9.5 (which just didnt fit right). Thy have descent arch support, is comfortable, and is what I want it for....everything from wearing around town, to wearing in the snow in the winter, to doing some light hiking. The reason I gave 4 stars vs 5 stars--it does not seem like a burly enough hiking boot--not quite enough ankle support and not quite enough stability for very serious hiking. That said...I can hike in basketball shoes and be fine. I think this is as close of a boot that is good in all situations as you are going to be able to buy.

rippledentdlb from Birch Bay, WA

7 days a week for 6 months....40 hrs a week as my work shoes...landscaping in the great northwest was a good test for my first pair of these...on average of 4 to 9 miles a day worth of walking...the tread held up pretty well, started really showing wear about 4 months in...stayed dry inside till bout a month ago...but when the outer layer is soaked the boot is still pretty light...feet stayed warm thru the winter...they spent a lot of time on the boot dryer at night, good and dry by morning... outside of work...many miles of hiking trails in WA and Canada... the laces broke bout a month ago...this is my only con...lol...i knew they would leak at some point because of the heavy duty use...6 months of work use is good enough for me...they would last for years if I just hiked with them...

OhioHiker4 from Kent, Ohio

First off this is by far the most comfortable hiking boot I have yet to own. The break in time was next to zero. I put on the shoes right after arrival and hit a ten mile hike, feet were in Heaven. I have submerged the shoe up to the Waterproof line on multiple occasions and NO water leaked in. When water did get in after complete submersion, shoes dried faster than Gortex models I have used previously. At this point I only have about 200 miles hiked in these boots. Spent some time on the Tahoe Rim Trail, Big Sur and Kings Canyon National Park. So far the tread wear is lite and boots still appear to be new. Again nothing is coming apart at this point, tread wear is at expected level. I mainly purchased the boots for ankle support as I use to sport trail running shoes for hiking becasue of previous boot discomfort experiences, but after numerous ankle turns, I figured it was time to sacrifice comfort for stability, but in the end I got both with these shoes. After I have hiked more miles I will give an update on wear and tear. Would have given them 5 stars but I have not had the boots long enough to determine that yet. At the discounted price it was a good buy thus far and no complaints here.


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