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KEEN Winslow Clog


Keen Winslow Clog is manufactured to offer unbeatable comfort and support with every step you take. It has all those features which an ideal clog has in it. It looks spectacular and has the long lasting construction which allows to wear these for as long as you want. They are simple yet elegant. Any person of any age can take advantage of these. They are very easy to wear. Just slide your feet inside and hang out for hours. The leather used in the manufacturing of this shoe is smooth and of excellent built quality. The exterior and interior both are durable and made up of extremely refined leather. The inner side of the clog is also lined with leather that offers a soft and cushy feeling. Its foot bed is all made up with E.V.A that is a man made compound which offers a lot of cushioning and support to your feet. This shoe takes shape according to your feet in heat and cold. Its outsole is very durable and made up of rubber that is long lasting and extremely durable too. They deliver extreme resistant on slippery surfaces and helps you walk stably no matter how tough, rough and slippery the terrain is. You can wear these with or without socks as it absorbs all the moisture keeping your feet dry and toasty the whole time. Your feet will remain odorless in these. Its heel height is 1 inches and weight is 9 ounces. This Clog has these following colors: Miles , Harmony and Black.


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Customer Opinions

Joel in NM from Albuquerque NM USA

Best fitting most comfortable lightest hiking shoes ever! No problems with lug soles wearing out even after several trips to El Malpais - Badlands-Lava Flow in Western New Mexico. BUT, I have been to the shoe repair 3 times to get stitching re-stitched. The fabric lacing loops have pulled through (shoe repair sewed them shut). Several other stitching have failed, and shoe repair fixed them. Hey, you have a problem. My podiatrist praises you and so do I, but, get a handle on production quality! For the rest of you: get to know your shoe repair person! I will buy them again, but I will watch the stitching VERY CAREFULLY.

Ramos the Prospector from Santa Clara, CA

Not sure why some rated low for durability, because I have had two pairs for nearly 3 years. I am prospector and use these shoes to the fullest while prospecting the Sierra Foothills in California. Being light and with a snug fit these shoes have seen it all: rain, trails, rocks, boulders, rivers, streams, nooks, all-the-while keeping traction and my feet comfortable. Both pairs have seen the extreme of being fully submerged while crossing a river, to almost immediately climbing over river boulders. I definitely recommend a good pair of breathable hiking socks like Smart Wool with these shoes.

Dawg lover from Minneapolis, MN

Bought these to hike through the woods in the winter with the dogs. Only good thing I can say is they are very comfortable. I have had them for 14 months, and one of them is coming apart, and the soles are pretty worn. Keen Dry is a joke, would rate that at a minus 5 for satisfaction. Even in cold temps, the snow clings to the mesh and then melts in, shoes get wet with in an hour. Not sure if I would purchase again for any winter activities.

Jackson, CA About Me Avid Adventurer

Ok, so I've owned these for just under a year. I've put in 1000's of hours and at least 500 miles of which a good half was in the Sierra Nevada Mtns South of Tahoe. From day 1 they've been a perfect lightweight fit. As you will read in other reviews, the soles wear a bit fast and are a bit thin on rough rocky ground. And yep! the stitching, on my right foot only, came loose at 9 months in. BUT these suckers don't let in a drop. Even with blown out seams, waterproofing visible by just glancing down at them, dry as can be. And as someone else said, you feel like they're leaking, but its just the temperature changed by the water temp. They're awesome on the steep nasty granite in the Sierras. A little slick on wet rock though, so beware.
So even after a few hikes have left me with sore feet and the boots look like they have been drug behind a car on a cross country roadtrip they are still going strong... and dry. And yes I'm going for a second pair... You betchya! If I was good with this thing I'm typing on I'd attach a pic.....maybe next time...


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